Here are the workouts we have announced so far! There will be four workouts for all divisions. The fourth and final workout will be announced day-of. We will go through detailed movement standards and logistics at the athlete briefing at the competition!

Each team has 8 minutes for both teammates to establish their 1RM in the following complex:
Rx & Scaled: Hang Snatch + Overhead Squat
Recreational: Ground to overhead (can be snatch or clean & jerk)

The team has the option of starting their 8 minutes on the rower. Each calorie rowed by the team will add one pound to the team’s total score. Each team will have one rowing machine — partners can alternate as needed. There is no minimum work requirement for the row.

Once the team elects to stop rowing and move to the barbell to start their lift attempts, they may not return to the rower.

Partners can switch back and forth however they wish between the two of them while attempting lifts. The bar will start empty. Both partners can help load the bar. The lifting partner must confirm the plate load with the judge before attempting the lift.

Any type of hang snatch (power, squat, split) is allowed. Further movement standards will be discussed in the athlete briefing.

Team score = Partner 1’s heaviest successful lift + partner 2’s heaviest successful lift + total calories rowed.

For time (6 minute cap in all divisions)
4 rope climbs (15ft)
20 partner deadlifts 405/305
15 synchronized bar-facing burpees
10 ring muscle ups

3 rope climbs (men — 15ft)/ 2 rope climbs (women — 12ft)
20 partner deadlifts 315/215
15 synchronized bar-facing burpees
15 pull ups

30 KB swings (eye level) 16kg/12kg
20 partner deadlifts 225/125
15 synchronized bar-facing burpees
15 jumping pull ups

Rope climbs/muscle ups/pull ups/KB swings can be split between partners however you want. Your score is your time to complete the workout, or your total reps if not completed. Tie break time will be the time you finish your burpees, in the event that multiple teams tie on muscle ups/pull ups. Movement standards will be given in detail at the athlete briefing, but these are straightforward movements, so there won’t be any surprises there.

Partners alternate after each full round. Partner 1 does a full round, then partner 2, etc. Partners cannot switch until a full round has been completed.

7 Wall ball
7 Toes to bar
1 Squat clean* 185/125

7 Wall Ball
7 Hanging leg raise (heels above hips)
1 Squat clean* 135/85

7 Wall ball
7 Hanging knee raise (knees above hips)
1 Front squat* 75/55

*FOR ALL DIVISIONS: The number of squat cleans increases by 1 rep each round.

Example: Partner A does 7 wall ball, 7 toes to bar, 1 squat clean. Partner B does the same. Then Partner A would do 7 wall ball, 7 toes to bar, and 2 squat cleans. Then partner B does the same, repeating this format for as many rounds/reps as possible in 16 minutes.

Wall ball weights & heights: Rx men 20lb to 10ft target, Rx women 14lb to 9ft, Scaled men 20lb to 9ft, Scaled women 10lb to 9ft. Rec men 14lb to 9ft, Rec women 10lb to 9ft.

Rx athletes must perform a true squat clean (similar standards to the squat snatches in the Open this year). Scaled athletes may perform a power clean + front squat. Rec athletes will clean the bar up from the ground, then perform their front squats — only needs to be taken off the ground for the initial rep, then they can keep it in front rack for each squat for that round.