Event 1 — Friday Night. 
We will announce this workout at the event on Friday night! You may want wear gloves if you have them. It won’t make or break your workout, but you may prefer the hand protection.

Event 2 — Snatch Attack 2, powered by Origin Meals 

For time, with a 7 minute cap:
21 Snatches 115/65
9/6 bar muscle ups (M/F)
15 snatches 135/85
6/3 bar muscle ups
9 snatches 155/105
3/1 bar muscle ups

(Men have 9-6-3 bar muscle ups, women have 6-3-1)

21 Snatches 95/55
15/12 pull ups
15 snatches 105/65
12/9 pull ups
9 Snatches 115/75
9/6 pull ups

(Men have 15-12-9 pull ups, women have 12-9-6)

These reps are total as a team and can be split between partners as needed. One partner works at a time. Score is the time to complete the workout, or total reps if the work is not done before the cap. Tiebreaker is the time the last full round of snatches was completed. Snatches can be power or squat snatches, but not hang snatches.

When the 7 minute cap hits, there will be a one minute rest, after which all teams will proceed to the next workout.

Event 3: ClusterFun, powered by Brownson Norby, PLLC

For time, with a 6 minute cap
5-10-15 Clusters, each team mate

Rx Men: 155/135/115
Rx Women: 105/85/65
Scaled men: 115/105/95
Scaled women: 75/65/55

Partner A starts with 5 clusters at the first weight. Once they complete their 5, Partner B completes 5 clusters at the first weight. The second partner can’t begin working on their reps until the first partner finishes their reps at that weight. Then the bar is advanced to the next weight, where Partner A completes 10 reps. Once they finish, Partner B completes 10 reps at that weight. The bar is advanced to the final weight, and Partner A completes 15 reps. Once they finish, Partner B completes 15 reps. Time is stopped when partner B steps onto the finish mat after completing their 15th rep on the last bar.

A “cluster” (clean + thruster) is a thruster that starts from the ground. The athlete cleans the bar into the front rack position, then completes a thruster. Squat clean thrusters or power clean + thruster is OK. The athlete starts with the bar on the ground, then passes through a full depth front squat, then finishes with the bar locked out overhead without re-bending the knees (it can’t be a jerk).

The weights are the same as Snatch Attack 2, but in reverse order.

Event 4: Bag Blitz

For time, with a 14 minute cap:

Row 2,000m (men) /1,600m (women)
2 rounds of:
100 double unders (Scaled: 150 single unders)
16 sandbag cleans Rx: 150/100 Scaled: 100/75

One partner works while the other rests. Switch any time, break up reps as needed. The team starts with the row. Once the row is complete, they move on to complete two rounds of jump rope and sandbag cleans — each team only completes the row once. Score is the total time to complete the workout, or total reps completed if the team does not finish under the cap. The row time will be the tiebreaker if teams tie on reps.

The sandbags are the round Rogue strongman sandbags, not the cylindrical ones we have used in the past.

The Final: TBA

Top 4 teams from each division make the final, which is work double points in the standings. This event will be announced at the event.