All teams are guaranteed at least three scored workouts, with some teams advancing to the final. Two of the workouts have been announced so far.


Male partner: 3 minutes to find 1RM clean & jerk
1 minute transition
Female partner: 3 minutes to find 1RM clean & jerk

** In order to change weight on the bar up or down, the lifting athlete must complete 25 double unders (RX) or 40 single unders (Scaled & Rec).

Team score = Heaviest male lift + heaviest female lift

The bar may be pre-loaded by the team before the event begins. Your partner can help adjust the weight on the bar, but only after the double unders/single unders have been completed.

The lifting athlete has unlimited attempts during their 3 minutes, but must complete the required jump rope work in order to add or remove weight on the bar. You do not need to do any jump rope to attempt the same weight over again, if you failed your lift.

The athlete may complete a lift in progress when the timer stops, as long as the bar has left the ground before the buzzer sounds.

Any clean from the ground is permitted — power, squat, or split. Any type of shoulder to overhead is permitted, as long as the athlete brings the feet back under the body with both arms locked out, under control.


For time, with a 10 minute cap:

3 rounds of:
40 dumbbell snatches as a team
10 synchronized burpee box jump overs


10 ring muscle ups (Rx)/20 Pull ups (Scaled)/20 jumping pull ups (Rec)

During the snatches, the “resting” partner will hold their dumbbell overhead with one arm while their partner works. Partners will switch who is working/resting every 10 reps. Working partner must alternate arms each rep.

Dumbbell weights:
Rx — 50/35
Scaled — 35/20
Rec — 25/15

Each team will have two boxes side by side for the burpee box jump overs. 24″/20″ for Rx and Scaled, 20″/16″ for Rec. Scaled & Rec may do step overs instead of jumping. Both partner’s chests and thighs must be on the ground at the same time each rep, but the jump and landing does not need to be synchronized.

The team will start with the three rounds of snatches and burpee box jump overs. Once those three rounds are complete, their workout finishes with the muscle ups/pull ups. These final reps can be split however the team wants.